Another piece of the Memphis Music Story – St. Blues Guitars

19 03 2009
st-blues-anniversary St. Blues Guitars was born in the heart of the Delta, where country tangled withe the blues and spawned the true birthplace of Rock & Roll, Memphis.

On the street now called Elvis Presley Boulevard, across the way from Graceland, Mike Ladd and Tom Keckler were doing something magical with guitars at Mike Ladd’s Guitar City.

Seems whenever these boys laid hands on someone’s guitar (such as Jimmy Page’s), the guitar just played a whole lot better. Hell, they even built one for the King. You can see him play it in “Aloha from Hawaii”.

In 1978, Keckler joined Tom Anderson and David Schecter out in California to turn Schecter Guitar Research from a parts supplier to a guitar company.

But anyone who’s ever lived in Memphis knows you can’t stay away long and in 1983 he came home and formed St. Blues Guitars with the founders of Strings and Things.His first creation was the “Bluesmaster”. Sometimes you hit it just right. He came up with a unique guitar that stands up to any classic guitar ever designed and it’s still being produced and played today. People who know a great guitar were quick to notice, and soon you would find a Bluesmaster in the hands of Eric Clapton, Bono, Albert King, Elliot Easton, Marshall Crenshaw, Glenn Frey, Billy Gibbons…. We could go on (we really could) but this isn’t a book.In 1989, St. Blues took a break, but like Memphis itself, you just gotta come back to a good thing. Players and dealers alike wouldn’t let it go, so in 2006 St. Blues was reborn with Keckler back at the wheel. Today every St. Blues guitar is finished and set up right here in Memphis and will always have its roots in this hallowed ground.



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